Every person in Ontario, especially those with children, should have a valid Will. The consequences for not having one could mean the current provincial statutory legislation may not dispose of your estate according to your wishes. I personally advise all my clients that having a valid Will is vital to their estate planning goals.

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Powers of Attorney

You cannot predict when you may find yourself in a serious state of health whereby you are no longer competent to handle your own financial affairs and health care decisions. It is imperative that you appoint someone to do this on your behalf in the event of such a situation. Along with your Will, I advise my clients to have their Powers of Attorney drafted and signed as an integral part of their estate financial planning goals. If you are a Real Estate client, I can make it cost effective to prepare these documents in conjunction with the completion of your Real Estate transaction. For all your Will and Powers of Attorney requirements, please do not hesitate to contact me personally at 905-683-1042 ext 6.