Buying / Selling Your Home

It is extremely important that you engage the services of a Real Estate Lawyer early on in the process of buying or selling your home. My office will help you navigate through this process in a seamless and stress free manner. In most cases, I will not charge you for the review of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale provided you retain my legal services to complete your home transaction. I will also review the Status Certificate at no extra charge if you are purchasing a Condominium. I offer competitive rates with exceptional service and care. Any anxiety you may have will be alleviated if you retain my legal services to assist you with your move.

For specific guidance in relation to your circumstances, or for answers to questions,

Please contact John directly at :

Re-Financing Your Home

There are times where you as a homeowner will require to refinance or place a new mortgage on your home. My office can assist you through this process in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. For all your Real Estate legal services needs, please do not hesitate to contact me personally at 905-683-1042 ext 6.

Title Insurance

Many homeowners, or potential homeowners, are concerned about various title fraud issues today. I can help you through the maze of different title insurance options available in the marketplace. If you are buying a home using my legal services, you can be assured that a title insurance policy will be included with your Home purchase. Existing homeowners without a titleinsurance policy can purchase a title insurance policy with my help at a reasonable cost. Unlike many forms of insurance, the title insurance premium is only paid once and lasts for the entire period of your home ownership. For all your Title Insurance needs, please do not hesitate to contact me personally at 905-683-1042 ext 6.